Conductive Coatings

Conductive Coatings

Our approach makes it possible to form a mask from an extended monolayer of monodisperse SiO2  for subsequent deposition of metals (Ag, Au, Cu, Ni, ...). After removing the microspheres, a semitransparent film remains on the surface (Fig. 1) with a resistivity in the range of 1-50 Ohm / square.

Fig. 1: SEM image of a semitransparent silver film on glass formed by sputtering through a mask of a monolayer of SiO2 microspheres.

Our installations make it possible to form conductive coatings even without the use of vacuum processes, for example, from silver nanowires both on planar (Fig. 2a) and textured (Fig. 2b) surfaces.

Fig. 2: AFM image (left) of silver nanowires on silicon (diameter less than 50 nm and length more than 10 microns) oriented in parallel by the separation process, as well as SEM image of silver nanowires on the surface of textured silicon (right).

Combinations of silver nanowires and/or silver nanowires with nanoparticles of other functional elements, for example, WO3 , or alternating layers of 2-D materials and conductive silver nanowires are possible.